What does it take and what does it bring to be part of a group? 


ZÄMMEHEEBE is a community dance project initiated by Theatre ROXY Birsfelden. It is based on the desire to bring more people into contact with dance. First and foremost, it is about picking up people in places where they would not necessarily expect to find dance. The project is therefore expanding into the regions of Basel-Land. Together with a group of motivated, non-professional dancers, the choreographers Rebecca Weingartner, Johanna Heusser and Anita Maïmouna Neuhaus work on the themes of "community" and "togetherness" in the Wettstein quarter, in Laufen and Liestal.

ZÄMMEHEEBE took place as part of the Tanzfest Basel 2022. 



Rebecca Weingartner

From and with

Susanne Hügelin, Paula Mahlstein, Herbert Eggs, Sibylle Wunderle, Peter Waldvogel, Inge Wolter, Jörg Eysel, Livia Immos, Jenny Seth, Anna Stenik, Deborah Dietz, Jasmin Vock, Sanja Lukanović


Minna Heikkilä



Gaspar Weissheimer


Bonny Orbit