How do people from different backgrounds connect in a group? How do they find a common language in which they can leave behind the different roles with which they encounter each other in everyday life?


The choreographer Rebecca Weingartner has offered a weekly dance training for patients and staff members at the University Psychiatric Clinics (UPK) as part of the 'therapy-free space'. The result is a dance piece in which the participants liquefy their identities and invent new ones. In the play between chaos and order, finding and losing oneself, asserting oneself and fitting in, the field of tension between the individual and the others, the many in us and the many who are with us becomes visible.


WIR SIND VIELE is created within the framework of the new regular artistic activities of the WILDWUCHS which has been presenting small and larger projects outside the festival period under the name WILDWUCHS UNTERWEGS since spring 2018.

Concept / Choreography

Rebecca Weingartner


Debbi, Doris, Jörg, Jasmin, Inge, Bryan, Dietmar, Luzius, Meret, Madelon, Marianne, Anouk, Sandra, Donath


Luzius Heydrich 

Support UPK

Meret Guttmann


Donath Weyeneth


Wildwuchs Unterwegs


ROXY Birsfelden, UPK Universitäre Psychiatrische Kliniken Basel


Andreas Hagenbach

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Abteilung Kultur Basel-Stadt