EQUALITY! is about a woman and a man who want to be the same. With full physical engagement, they find all sorts of absurd and humorous ways to show what equality between two people of different genders might look like.

Patients and staff members of the Psychiatric University Clinics of Basel have come together to find a common language in which they leave behind the different roles with which they encounter each other in everyday life.

TANZAKADEMIE is an education project initiated by Kaserne Basel. Students of different ages from three Basel school classes, boasting different cultural, social and religious backgrounds, come together to perform in unique locations around the city in the frame of the yearly dance festival TANZFEST BASEL.

In personal as well as collective moments of crisis, the question of the ability to practice hope becomes existential.

THE BEST IS YET TO COME is a humorous performance about the contradictory state of optimism, a journey of two people on stage testing different strategies such as worst case scenarios to prepare themselves for better lives.