Rebecca Weingartner is a performer, choreographer, teacher and Rolfing practitioner, born in Seoul and based in Basel. She studied contemporary dance at Tanztheaterschule Zürich and the ARTez dance academy Arnhem in the Netherlands as well as physical theater and academy of arts in Amsterdam.


She danced among others at the dance company Theater St.Gallen, Compagnie Tabea Martin, Cie. 7273, Cie. Anna Röthlisberger. Her own choreographic works include THE BEST IS YET TO COME (2012), HOPE INSTRUCTION (2015), WIR SIND VIELE (2019) & EQUALITY! (2020).


Together with Benjamin Lindh Medin, she founded the company for young audience Lindh & Weingartner in 2019.

Rebecca Weingartner is honored by the government of Canton Baselland the culture award for dance 2021. Weingartner has established an independent stage language which is expressed through intersectional dance and theater. Rebecca Weingartner's artistic language developed from her encounters with people from diverse backgrounds with whom she has worked in her artistic, educational and dance therapy projects - from children and young people to people with cognitive or psychological impairments. The awareness of structural disadvantages in the context of her previous works, as well as Rebecca Weingartner's own experience as a woman*, person of color and person affected by classism, are the core of her current artistic exploration.

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About the Company
Lindh & Weingartner

Rebecca Weingartner doesn't just want to appeal to children on the rocking horse. That is why she and her dance partner Benjamin Lindh Medin founded a dance company that creates pieces for children and young audience. Involving their backgrounds in contemporary dance, hip-hop, music and physical theatre, they develop a playful, performative movement language. With their work, the company reflects upon current sociopolitical topics and transforms them into a highly accessible performances for you young audience. In 2020, Lindh & Weingartner developed EQUALITY! in coproduction with Roxy Birsfelden. EQUALITY! is currently on tour.

The company's new project for young audience, SOLIDARITY! will have it's premiere in September 2022 at Roxy Birsfelden. SOLIDARTIY! wants to find out how solidary behavior in a group or community could look like. SOLIDARITY! is the second piece after EQUALITY! as part of a triology examining the three main principles of the French Enlightment slogan "Egalité! Solidarité!* Liberté!"

*Solidarity as the gender-neutral term for the french term of brotherhood "fraternité".

Company Lindh & Weingartner's work is state subsidized by the cultural committee of Canton Basel and Baselland.


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